C Band Dual LNB

PTL-CDAN/F series are designed for indoor or outdoor C-Band communication systems. This LNB provides a combination of superior performance, reliability.

This LNB has a typical gain of 65dB with Noise Figure less than 0.5dB without frontal isolator.

This LNB has been tested and calibrated between -30°C and +60°C, so it assures very good gain stability with temperature.

Main Features

Ultra wide bandwidth (3.4~4.2GHz/4.5~4.8GHz)
Satellite Band : Standard, Extended, ST-1/Palapa, Gorizont, Insat-C
Dual Band (2-LO)
Ultra Low Noise Figure
Ultra Low Phase Noise
Internal/External Reference Auto-detect/selection
High P1dB, High IP3
LO frequency switched by DC input level(13/18V) thru IF cable

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